Proyecto Cultura


We bring to life theatrical projects that travel throughout the country, with a technical and artistic team full of professionals.


José Vicente Moirón stars in ‘MAQUIAVELL’, a one-man work focused on the figure of a president of the government who applies different strategies to remain in power guided by the premises set out by Nicolás Machiavelli in his treatise ‘The Prince’ (1513).

A piece of contemporary theater that captivates young and adult audiences.

MENINA. I'm a fucking artwork of Velázquez

The main message of the show is love for oneself, for oneself and for one’s body. With a contemporary, current and cruel language – like life itself – to deal with the issue of bullying, with the idea of moving, agitating and transforming the public. Menina is a character who is shown to be in conflict with the world, with herself, trapped in her body, in her environment and in her context. And in the continuation of Hell she made Paradise, as if the Divine Comedy were about her, she will purge her life to find herself, to reconcile, to free herself.


An exciting show, with a daring staging, with which we play to relive historical moments: discovering the Pacific with Vasco Núñez de Balboa, getting to know Tenochtitlán with Hernán Cortés, finding water in the Atacama Desert with the help of Inés Suárez or witness the founding of Santiago de Chile with Pedro de Valdivia among other historical events. An exciting and fun work.


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